Our Purpose

Achieving a Healthy Liver is dedicated to inform, share, and help others gain knowledge for how to keep their liver healthy. There are liver diseases, such as cirrhosis, hepatitis, cancer, and fatty liver, which can lead to liver failure and this is devastating because we need our liver in order to live.

The liver has very important functions:

  • filters blood/removes toxins and regulates blood composition before sending it to the rest of the body
  • detoxifies and breaks down drugs
  • produces chemicals and proteins to help blood clotting

These functions are crucial to helping our bodies fight and get rid of toxins.

Darvy, Nini, and their dad Joseph will be researching and posting information such as exercises, diet and lifestyle tips, recipes, and uplifting gospel. To do this, they are working together to share things they have learned from their experiences before and after Joseph had his liver transplant.

Disclaimer: Our posts are only informational. We are not medical professionals and our site is not a substitute for actual medical advice. Please consult your physician, nutritionist, and physical therapist for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

We are still in the process of adding content to our pages but keep checking back in now and then for more posts! Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy and find this site helpful 🙂